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Have you ever wondered about your future? have you wished that you could find real answers to your important questions? Tarot is an excellent tool that can reveal the past, the present and the future. Because you are seeking real spiritual advice and direction, tarot is the perfect source of knowledge and inspiration, for any question that you may have.

My name is Venus Satanas. I have been reading tarot since 2005. I do not waste my client’s time with uncertainty. I am very direct with my readings, and my clients appreciate my honesty and true guidance. You can read my reviews to see for yourself.

Why My Readings are Different

My readings are different because my spiritual path is very unique. I am a Satanist since 1992. You can read my personal story at my aboutme page. Many people have come to me for personal advice about Satanic spirituality.

Because of this my style of reading is quite different than what most tarot readers can offer, or are willing to do. Unfortunately, some readers water their readings down with sugar-coated, white-light, fairytale promises. My readings are for clients who are sincere and who are seeking true and honest advice, without the fluff.

As a tarot reader, I work with my knowledge and experience with the Tarot, and my intuition, and I apply these skills to solve your issues or to help with direction or guidance. Dont come to me if you arent ready to hear the truth of what I see in the cards for you.

Get your own spiritual Tarot reading with Venus Satanas, the occultist author & witch, host of Discover the past – know the future!

Find out What Awaits You!

My specialty is answering your questions on love, relationships, life and money. Tarot can help you to reach your true potential.

  • Discover what is in your lover’s heart, find out if they are being true!!
  • See if your lover has been cheating, find out how and why!
  • Discover how you can improve your relationships with friends.
  • Reunite with a lover by adjusting your life path so that you can benefit from my advice.
  • Get career advice to make the right choices in your life.
  • Find out how to get or keep that job or what to do about situations with co-workers.
  • Most Importantly, get real spiritual advice


Reviews from Kasamba/Liveperson from 2007 – 2009

I began reading Tarot for myself in 2007. A few years later, I started working at Tarot Reading text sites like Kasamba, Keen & LivePerson, where I read for people around the world. Eventually, I decided to go independent and read for my own clients.

These old reviews were gathered from my tarot reading site that I ran back in 2009…



  • Aug 15 2009…Listen to what she says cause it’s right on. I definitely trust her insights as well as her predictions cause they have come to pass! It’s crazy to me that she was able to predict something SOOO far into the future! A year and a half?? Don’t you think that’s something? LoL
  • Jun 10 2008… Very good reading. Reader was on point and hit the situation on the ball before i hired. Very happy with the reading
  • Jun 6 2008… she advises and is patient, she wont mislead and she is an awesome psychic tarot reader
  • Feb 7 2008… Excellent reader. Types fast and does NOT waste your time with the ‘maybe’s’ and ‘could be’s’. She tells it as she sees it and with great accuracy.
  • Jan 4 2008 … Wow!!! Finally someone who knows what their talking about! She was extremely helpful, to the point and accurate about every situation presented. I would Definitely go back to her for another reading. I’m feeling a lot better now.
  • Dec 17 2007… awesome! please let her read for you, it will change your life.
  • Nov 27 2007… amazing and very good details thanks Venus for all your patience with me Blessings~
  • Nov 19 2007 …Outstanding! she knew he had his own business and was moving house! very good reading highly recommend!
  • Jan 29 2007 …very good!!! Thank you for the reading!

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