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Spiritual Satanism is a method of Satanism that offers a deeper, more spiritual understanding of the world from a Satanic way of living. I discovered Satanism for myself in the early 90’s, but I always had a more spiritual experience of it. So, in 2004, I set out to put my thoughts and experiences in Satanism at a website online. Back then, there wasn’t much information available on


the ‘net about spiritual Satanism. So I wanted to create a useful resource for people to learn from as an alternative to the strictly material or atheist methods of Satanism available today.

My writings have helped educate Satanists on where to begin in Satanism. I have also helped many people to make a pact with Satan, and how to keep a lasting relationship with Satan.

My essays on magic have helped those who are new to the path to understand what magic is for and how it can work for you. And my introductory articles on Demonology can help you to explore the world of demons.

Satanism FAQ

My Satanism FAQ page is one of the most popular pages at the Spiritual Satanist site. I created the Satanism FAQ in 2017 to help people understand what Satanism is, and what it is not. It covers some of the basic questions about Satanism that are often asked. If you are new to Satanism, this is a great place to start. Visit the Satanism FAQ at the SpiritualSatanist site.

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