The 2018 Flambeau Noir Occult Conference

This is an amazing opportunity to meet my fans and friends and some of the peers that I know and respect in the occult world! The Flambeau Noir Occult event is going to be a blast!

Flambeau Noir 2018
Flambeau Noir Occult Conference, 2018
I had already briefly planned a presentation, but when the event theme was released a few days later, somehow I couldn’t shake the feeling of synchronicity. The event theme this year is “Darkness Indivisible”. Being a part of this event makes me feel like I am part of something much greater than myself.

So at the event, I will be speaking of my journey in Satanism, and how we all have a responsibility to manifest the current of Satanism and the Left Hand Path. We are the movement, this is our voice, and now is our time.

I will also briefly discuss my websites,, my Spiritual Satanist Blog, my video series, but most notably the Left Hand Path books blog.

The Left Hand Path books blog has been a huge success in 2017. My goal is to provide an honest review of Satanism and occult books, and showcase the classics while helping to promote up and coming authors in this ever-growing field. So, I am looking forward to the opportunity at the convention to network with other occultists, Satanists and people of the Left Hand Path, and forge some new friendships and perhaps some great review material for my Left Hand Path Books blog.

Somehow, this work that I’ve been doing at the Left Hand Path Books blog also aligns with this year’s theme of “Darkness Indivisible”. After all, for decades, Satanists have been divided. We haven’t always gotten along with each other. There has been competition over the years that has prevented us from advancing Satanism as a social movement, but those who try to see the bigger picture may understand what is really at stake – the future of Satanism and the Left Hand Path.

The Left Hand Path blog showcases works from Satanists and occultists from a variety of paths and practices, and their voices deserve to be heard.

Release of My Satanic Prayerbook, 2018

Also, this year, I'm publishing my new book, the Satanic Prayerbook. This is a book for Spiritual Satanists who are seeking spiritual guidance and prayers that they can use in their daily lives. There is a need for a book like this in the Satanic community.

Satanic Prayerbook
Satanic Prayerbook, 2018
The prayer page at my Spiritual Satanist website is one of the most popular pages, showing that people are looking for sincere spiritual guidance in the path of Satanism.

The Satanic Prayerbook is unique in that there is no other book like it today. The Satanic Prayerbook contains common prayers that have been passed around in Satanism for decades, and along with this, some classic prayers and poems to gods and goddesses of the underworld. The Satanic Prayerbook makes a great companion to any kind of ritual work or daily spiritual living through Satanism.

So if you can, join me in the last weekend of April, in Portland Oregon for the Flambeau Noir Occult conference. I will have signed copies of my new book. And I can't wait to meet everyone. It’s going to be the event of a lifetime!

Event tickets are available through Jeremy Crow’s website. Get Yours TODAY!

Flambeau Noir Occult Conference Tickets

Occult Conference in Portland, Oregon USA on the weekend of April 27th to 29th, 2018


** LIMITED AVAILABILITY ** There are only 105 tickets available to the public. Buy your ticket early to ensure your seat at the conference. Prices will be going up to $210 each on March 31st.