Who is Venus Satanas?

A lot of people think they know who she is. But who is she, really?
This post is a look at the internet celebrity, Venus Satanas – author, Satanist, and Witch.

I was fortunate when I was a child – I wasn’t forced to be a Christian. I was allowed to explore a world that included the belief in

Venus Satanas 2010
Venus Satanas 2010

energies and auras. My grandmother who raised me, had a library full of books on astrology. She taught me how to do money spells in the moonlight with silver coins. I spent my childhood reading as many books as I could. When I was around 13, I took an interest in the world of art. It was my interest in art and history that lead me to find Satanism.

In search of books on art history, I discovered Satanism at the local library in 1992, among the books in the reference section. The book was the Church of Satan written by Blanche Barton and Anton LaVey, the hardcover edition. This book offered a history of the church of Satan and an idea of what Satanism was about. Satanism made sense to me. For once, the world seemed right and the path of Satanism was something that empowered me.

During that time in America, in the late 90’s, the Satanic Panic was slowly dying out. Being 13 at the time, I didn’t really know about the panic and the hype surrounding Satanism, so I came to Satanism without expectations.

I always had a spiritual view of Satan, though, and approached Satan as a god, equal in comparison to the Christian god. Satan was more than a symbol to me. I made my first personal pact with Satan that year in 1992, to initiate myself as a Satanist.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I was finally able to read the Satanic Bible, at the age of 15. By then, I had developed my own independent way of practicing and living Satanism.

Satanic Outreach

I started writing about Satanism in 2004, when I was at a time in my life when I was able to fully explore the world of the occult. There wasn’t much online to help Satanists who had a spiritual view. Many of the resources out there were aimed at atheistic Satanists. My biggest inspiration, though was Diane Vera and her theistic Satanism website. I appreciated how she was able to present an objective view of Satanism while creating Satanism as part of a pantheistic religion.

Lilith Ritual
Lilith Ritual

I understand the need for religious Satanism, but for me, I took a less religious approach. If Satanism is an expression of freedom, then why not be free from religious expression as well? I am a Spiritual Satanist, meaning that I have broken from the usual religious conventions in Satanism and created my own personal spiritual path and method of Satanic expression. I am also independent, meaning that I don’t belong to any Satanic organizations or churches.

My website, SpiritualSatanist.com was an instant success. At my website, I offer instruction on independent, Spiritual Satanism, and I have helped people from all around the world discover Satanism. In 2009, I created the supplemental Spiritual Satanist Blog to discuss reader’s questions and to help others to understand the social issues that Satanists face today. And along with this, I also created my own video channel on Youtube [Venus Satanas] where I discuss Satanism, magic and the occult.

Despite my ‘celebrity’ status, I’m not interested in creating a group of followers. I want people to ask questions and to learn on their own. I think that those who are able to influence the future of Satanism shouldn’t be telling people what to believe and how to act. Historically, Satan is a figure of rebellion and so, why take the normal standard route of joining a group and being just a follower when you could learn to be a leader in your own right?

Now that you know a little about me, feel free to visit my site and decide for yourself if Satanism is the right path for you. You can find all of my current projects here at the VenusSatanas.com website!

Darkest Blessings;
Venus Satanas

5 Fun Facts About Venus Satanas:

  1. She is an independent Spiritual Satanist and does not belong to any Satanist groups or organizations. She advocates independent Satanism as the best possible path for Satanists.

2. Venus Satanas is an educational researcher on Satanism and the Occult. Her website, Spiritual Satanist, has helped people all around the world discover the self-empowering path of Satanism.

3. Venus not only works with Satan, but other gods and demons as well! She also has an affinity for the gods of ancient Rome

Venus Satanas Altar
Venus Satanas Altar

and Greece, finding them to be complimentary in their usefulness.

4. Venus Satanas was published in the 2010 book, Women’s Voices in Magic. This book was a collaboration of women from many different paths in the occult describing their experiences of navigating in fields of occult study and practice traditionally favored by men!

5. Venus lives in sunny Florida, with her fiance (soon to-be married!), her two spoiled cats, and a talking parrot!



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